Helpful Tips to Help Maximize Your Kitchen Space

In a small kitchen, it is always best to maximize the use of storage space. One thing to think about is installing ceiling height cabinets and when it comes to corner space try to use corner cabinets.

Play With Angles
A good way to make use of space in the kitchen is to use a corner sink or cabinet. With all the new technology available, it is easy to find functional models with pull out shelves and organizers in them.

Extend Your Kitchen
To increase the space in a smaller kitchen, extend it to another room. The island or work surface should fit in perfectly when extending the kitchen. Living or dining room divisions can provide interesting storage possibilities.

With the help of designers and technology, it is now easier to have practical kitchen drawers. There are drawers that have multiple compartments for plates, pots, pans and glasses. There are even designs with concealed cutting boards! There are also drawer dividers you can buy that help with organizing your own drawers and make it easier to find utensils.

Pop Up Power Outlet
It is an ideal object for small kitchens and small spaces. the retractable power unit is recessed into the work surface. Invisible, it only appears when you need it. A solution that is practical, discreet, attractive and that fits perfectly into all types of kitchens.

Hang Utensils
Feel free to use the walls in your kitchen to hang your utensils. One solution might be to add hooks or bottle holders to hold pots and pans. You can also install a utensil rail on the backsplash

Inventive Cabinet Door Openers
Cabinet Doors often take up space. A smart and clever idea for a small kitchen would be to choose sliding or lift doors. One of the main benefits of this is that doors can remain open and not get in the way when you are in the kitchen preparing meals.

Mini Appliances
To maximize space in a small kitchen, one trick is to select small appliances. Many models that are available today have been adapted for smaller spaces, while they still have the same capacity, they are more compact.

Modular Furniture
For very efficient use of space is to choose modular and fold-away furniture. An example of this might be to use a folding table or wheeled table.